Selected Works

Short Stories and Novellas

加冕礼 The Coronation [story collection]
In Chinese:
大红裙 Redress. October 十月. Vol.4. 2023 See details
流动的新家 Home on the Move. October 十月. Vol.4. 2023
淼淼除夕——一则传说 Master’s Eve. Youth Literature 青年文学. Vol.10. 2021 See details
破零——破碎—— Paling-Pash-. Shanghai Literature 上海文学. Vol.12. 2020
东风如意 Prosper with the East Wind. Shanghai Literature 上海文学. Vol.11. 2018
麦哲伦绿地的仪式 Ceremony in Magellan Meadow. 2022.4 See details
乌香娣和白白老 Albino’s Aphelion. 2022.12
Odd. 2020.10
照料者 Carer. 2022.4
杨梅树下的禁足 Grounding under the Bayberry Tree. 2023.2 See details

In English:
Honey Moon. 蜜月. 2019.8- (novella)
Facts and Fallacies. 事实与谬误. (novel) 2020- (novel)
Normal or Abnormal. 为人师表. 2020- (long novella)
No. 7 Canterberry Road (crime fiction- novel)
Young Adult (novel)
three stories about “leadership” (3 novellas)
Adamao [Diamond]. 钻石 (novella)

In Chinese:
机翼之下 Shadow of Wings
1901火山漫游 A Volcano Odyssey in 1901


In English:
Freshers 新生. 2022.10-12, 2023.1. Pembroke Academic Journal. Vol.1. 2023
Basket of Flowers 花篮. 2022.11-12
Food Chain 食物链. 2022.10-
Friday Was A Rest Day 周五休息日. 2022.12-